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The Knights Radiant
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Basic Details
Founded 29 June, 2015
Headquarters Asia
Color Orange
Status Active
King of the Heralds

Prince of the Heralds



Herald of War Woot
Herald of Growth Deus
Herald of Foreign Affairs Kayser
Herald of Internal Affairs Robert E Lee/Rickky
Other Official(s) Walling

Best Leader




Emperor Penguin


Yir Yironti


Floating Hippo

As of 18 March, 2017
Total Nations 122
Score 235000+
Average Score 1900+
Alliance Rank 2
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP The Syndicate
MDoAP Guardian
MDoAP Pantheon
MDoAP Cornerstone
MDoAP The Commonwealth
Protectorate Grumpy Old Bastards

The Knights Radiant is an orange alliance that was established on 6/29/15. The Knights Radiant is an alliance based on Brandon Sanderson's fantasy book series, The Stormlight Archive.

Government: Edit

High gov:

  • Herald of Kings: Lordship
  • Prince of the Heralds: 
  • Herald of Growth: Deus
  • Herald of War: Woot
  • Herald of Internal Affairs: Robert E Lee/Rickky
  • Herald of Foreign Affairs: Kayser

Low gov:

  • Herald of the People: Sargun
  • High Prince of War: Best Leader & Walling
  • High Prince of Foreign Affairs: Fanag & Emperor Penguin
  • High Prince of Resources: Azaghul
  • High Prince of Internal Affairs: Ching-Chong/Tormato
  • High Prince of Recruitment: Dayz

Treaties Edit

Current Treaties:

The Purchased Oathpact: MDoAP with The Syndicate

The Obsidian Accords: MDoAP Bloc with The Black Knights and The Brotherhood of the Clouds

Guardian of the Storm: MDoAP with Guardian

Knights Radiant and Vargen Institution Sign MDP, later VI merged into TKR.

Sword in the Clouds Accord: MDoAP with Brotherhood of the Clouds

The Radiant Stone Accords: MDoAP with Cornerstone

NAP with Nuclear Knights

Protectorates: Earth Space Defense, The Commonwealth, Grumpy Old Bastards and Resplendent

Wars: Edit

Proxy War Edit

Main article: Proxy War
  • The Knights Radiant entered the war on August 24th, 2015 in defense of its protector, The Syndicate, against the Viridian Entente in what would be later called the Proxy War. The war ended on September 1st with an admission of defeat from the Viridian Entente.

Oktoberfest Edit

Main article: Oktoberfest
  • The Knights Radiant declared war on the Dutch East India Company on October 17th in defense of its ally, The Syndicate. On October 21st, The Knights Radiant extended hostilities to include the Brotherhood of the Clouds. On October 23rd, the Brotherhood of the Clouds surrendered to the coalition. On November 7th, nearly a month after the start of the war, the Dutch East India Company surrendered to the coalition.

Bored War Edit

Main article: Bored War
  • The Knights Radiant declared war on Rose on February 3rd in pursuant to Article 3 of the The Purchased Oathpact and the Guardian of the Storm treaties. TKR was countered by United Purple Nations and Viridian Entente on February 9th. The war ended on February 14th when all forces signed a white peace, effectively ending the World War.

NPO's First Time ♥Edit

Main article: NPO's First Time ♥
  • The Knights Radiant declared war on Viridian Entente on June 14th in defense of its ally, The Syndicate. Fark countered 3 days later, but VE had already been mostly defeated and Fark was soon neutralized as well. On June 21st, The Knights Radiant extended hostilities to include the United Purple Nations. The war ended on June 27th when the remaining Paracovenant allies surrendered to Syndisphere, effectively ending the war. After the war TKR-NPO treaty was terminated due to direct results of the war.


Main article: Stop Online Piracy Act
  • Due to various raiding incidents, TKR, BoC and Resplendent declared war on Arrgh and Roz Wei. Arrgh and Roz Wei had their militaries quickly zeroed out and were given white peace after 3 days.

Silent WarEdit

Main article: Silent War
  • The Knights Radiant were surprised attacked by Rose on the first day of the war. Within the next 2 days, The Dutch East India Company, North American Confederation, and Oblivion also declared war on TKR. TKR was able to beat these attackers and fully militarize, hitting Fark with an overwhelming blitz on the fourth day and then joining the effort against NPO on the fifth. The war ended in the defeat of Rose and NPO and the dissolution of Paracovenant.

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