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The Fighting Pacifists
San Marino Flag
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Basic Details
Founded January 26, 2015
Headquarters Europe
Color White
Status Active
Facilitator Quichwe10
Asst facilitator Johan
  • Jayne Lacey
  • Alarik Isarnhelm
  • Monstrosity
As of October 16, 2016
Total Nations 43
Score 35,903.89
Average Score 834.97
Alliance Rank 22
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
NAP Blue Moon

The Fighting Pacifists is a white team pacifistic and paperless alliance. During the Silent War, they grew to one of the top 10 alliances due to their non-involvement. They were later attacked by Terminus Est due to this.

History Edit

Throughout 2015, they had many skirmishes with raiders from Mensa HQ and Arrgh! due to their pacifistic and paperless nature. From these skirmishes both Arrgh! and TFP gained some respect for each other and Arrgh! offered a free protection contract to TFP. This contract stayed in effect until the Silent War when TFP grew larger then Arrgh! and Arrgh! withdrew the contract. A week or so thereafter Terminus Est began attacking TFP due to their large size and non-involvement in the global war.

Conflicts Edit

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