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Papers, Please
Date December 26, 2016 -
January 20, 2017
Casus belli Disputed: Multiple claims by various alliances and individuals including TEst, Arrgh and Roz Wei raiding Pantheon during the Silent War; TEst growing too large / being a threat; and other unknown or unannounced ones
Result Individual peace agreements reached between each paperless alliance and their combatants.
Preceded by
Dio's War on Christmas
Oxymoron War
Succeeded by
Oxymoron War
Obsidian Order

The Knights Radiant
Black Knights

Brotherhood of the Clouds

Mensa HQ
The Syndicate
Flag of The Coalition
The Coalition Grumpy Old Bastards Flag
Grumpy Old Bastards
Rose peace
TTO flag
Teutonic Order
The Commonwealth
Alpha Alpha
Holy Britannian Empire Flag
Holy Britannian Empire Pantheon New
Pantheon GuardianFlag

Terminus Est
Arrgh Raidmas Flag
Roz Wei


Kr Infinite Citadel
Blackknights Curufinwe
1NnFGMW Bezzers
Mensaflag1 Vanek26
TIFlag/Newpeace Jessica Rabbit
TIFlag/Newpeace Chaunce
TIFlag/Newpeace Sabriel
Flag of The Coalition Aurelius
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag Sweeeeet Ronny D
Rose peace Durmij
Rose peace Lilac
TTO flag Emmad
TCWChristmas Justin076
TCWChristmas Kalev60
TCWChristmas QueenM
Cornerstone Robert P. Holmes III
Alpha Placentica
Holy Britannian Empire Flag hadesflames
Pantheon New Yui
GuardianFlag Memph

Terminus Prefontaine
Arrgh Raidmas Flag DragonK
Arrgh Raidmas Flag Ogaden
Rwce Rozalia

1,627,028.42 NS
880 members
352,054.88 NS
148 members

Papers, Please was a conflict which began on December 26, 2016, when The Knights Radiant, the Black Knights, Mensa HQ and numerous allies declared war on the paperless alliances of Terminus Est, Roz Wei, and Arrgh. The conflict began shortly after the end of both the Nuclear Raidmas involving the paperless alliances and Dio's War on Christmas involving Mensa HQ and allies. It was the first conflict that began after resistance was added to the war system and began with mass spying on the paperless alliances during the time the war system was frozen due to the coming update leading to the spy portions of the update being postponed by several weeks. The first peace came on January 14 when Arrgh and its combatants reached an agreement. Terminus Est was the second to reach an agreement, on 17th January. The war concluded on January 20 when Roz Wei was the third and final to reached an agreement.

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