Land is a game mechanic that can be purchased in Cities. It indicates how much space is available for your city. Too little land and a lot of infrastructure will give you a high Population Density. Too high population density means your citizens are congested and very prone to Disease.

The more land you have in a city, the more food the farms of this specific city will produce. A farm produces 12 tons of food per day per 500 land.

You can find the cost of the land you want to purchase either by using the Land Purcahse Calculator or by giving as input in one of your cities the ammount of land you want to buy (click out of the field for the cost to appear and do not press enter ot "Go" if you do not want to purchase the land).

Land Cost Formula

As in the case of Infrastructure, the cost of Land also increases in an exponential way. The formula for the cost of one unit of land is the following:

Land_Unit_Cost  = 0.002*(Current_Land-20)^2 + 50

and, as a result, the formula used for the cost of newly purchased Land is:

New_Land_Cost  = Land_Unit_Cost*New_Land

From the two above formulas, it is made evident that, since the price of new land depends on the level of your current land, it is more profitable to buy land in bulks. In other words, it is more profitable to get land from 500 to 1,000 than from 500 to 750 and then to 1,000.

However, there is one limitation: the game identifies several levels of land, meaning that they are bought in steps. The levels are 500, 1k, 1.5k, 2k land, etc. and each step is 500 Land (except for the first step which is 480, since your city gets 20 land when it is first built). This means that, if you decide to get for example from 20 to 1k land and buy that much land, the game will automatically calcualte two transactions instead of one: one from 20 Land to 500 and one from 500 to 1,000. The game calculates the optimized cost for the land you decide to purchase.

Keeping all of the above in mind, the following table results:

Step From To Cost ($) Total ($)
1 20 500 24,000 24,000
2 500 1,000 255,400 279,400
3 1,000 1,500 985,400 1,264,800
4 1,500 2,000 2,215,400 3,480,200
5 2,000 2,500 3,945,400 7,425,600
6 2,500 3,000 6,175,400 13,601,000
7 3,000 3,500 8,905,400 22,506,400
8 3,500 4,000 12,135,400 34,641,800

Note that the Tutorial will make you buy 500 Land at your first city and as such, your first city will have 520 Land at some point. Going to the next step and buying 480 Land to reach 1,000 will set you back to course of the optimized land purchases.