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Basic Details
Founded February 1, 2017
Headquarters Asia
Color Maroon
Status Active
Grand Master
  • Theodosius
Templar Council
  • Keegoz
  • Vladamir Putin
  • Horsecock
  • Curlip
Templar Officers
  • Bagrationi
  • Vandal de Macedon
  • RavensFan
  • Flavius Stilicho
  • Whisper
As of 15th March, 2018
Total Nations 68
Score 200000+
Average Score 2900+
Alliance Rank 3
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP Advanced Idea Mechanics
MDP Seven Kingdoms
ODP The Commonwealth
Protectorate Principality of Zeon
Protectorate Yarr

Knights Templar is a maroon team alliance founded on February 1, 2017. It was one of three splinter alliances to come from Terminus Est (alongside Western Union and Cobra Kai Dojo).

Knights Templar had been in the planning since early November of 2016 when Odin messaged Thalmor about the idea (originally, KT was to be an alt-right alliance, but this changed as circumstances evolved). The alliance was founded on February 1st, right in the middle of the SK-TEst War. In exchange for peace, KT members agreed to leave TEst and go to Pantheon's applicants.

Upon being founded, Knights Templar gradually grew to over 100 active members by May 5th. During that time, it remained neutral during The Trail of Tiers. KT's lower tier did experience some combat during the Animal Control Crusade, however.

Thalmor resigned as Grand Master on November 17, 2017, handing down the title to Theodosius (formerly known as Apollo). This was the first time in KT's history that the head leadership position had changed.

Alliance Government Edit

The Knights Templar Government is made up of the Grand Master, the Templar Council and Templar Officers, where it further divides into departments - FA, IA, Econ and Milcom.

Departments and their heads are as follows:

Grand Chancellor - Foreign Affairs

Grand Almoner - Economics

Grand Senechal - Internal Affairs

Grand Marshal - Military Command

Every department head has up to 2 deputies serving as Templar Officers, helping him run the department.

Esquire Templar Edit


ET Flag

Esquire Templar (ET) exists as an extension alliance of the Knights Templar. It is an alliance which is used for training new members who wish to join KT.

Headmaster of Esquire Templar is tasked with running ET. This position is de facto a part of government of Knights Templar. Although it does not necessarily have a specified department jurisdiction, it works closely with KT's Economics and Internal Affairs.

Official Description

Esquire Templar is an extension of the Knights Templar. It serves as a training and recruitment alliance. An attack on ET is the same as attacking a member of KT. Feel free to attack us anyways, though. The members of both alliances could use the experience in wrecking you.

Although there are special exceptions, membership in Knights Templar can only be obtained through months of training and learning here in Esquire Templar. The process is rough. Members must endure exercises, must do a lot of reading, and are expected to remain very active. However, those who pass are allowed to enter the elite halls of the Knights Templar, and will be some of the top players in the game (compared to many others of the same in-game age, at least).

If you believe you are a good enough player to skip training and join KT directly, then private message Theodosius or Arigos over Discord.

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Alliance Advertisements Edit

In-game advertisements used by the alliance for recruitment, propaganda or other purposes:

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