Impérial Empire du France

Impérial Empire du France Flag Flag of Impérial Empire du France

Her Majesty the Empress of France Elizabeth Victoria "Wolfie" Wolf
Minister of Foreign Affairs of The Chola
Basic Information
Color Brown
National Statistics
Government Type Absolute Monarchy Absolute Monarchy
Social Policies Liberal Liberal
Economic Policies Far Left Far Left
Pollution noticeable
Currency Krona
GDP € 3,767,586,795.22
Civilians 1,179,746
Area 9,100 sq. miles mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 129.64 people/sq. mi people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Grand Armée du France
Nation Rank 1,087
Score 1,108.12
Infantry 105,000
Tanks 8750
Aircraft 630
Ships 175
Spies Classified
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
Stadium: Imperial Stadium
Team: Imperials
Win/Loss: N/A
Investment 0 Krona
National Capital Paris
Other Cities Lyon, Louisiania, French Britannia, Jakarta, Warszawskie, Kaula Lumpur

The Impérial Empire Edit

Imperial Empire du France is a nation led by Her Majesty Empress Wolf on the continent of Europe. Imperial Empire du France's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very liberal social policies. Economically, Imperial Empire du France favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Imperial Empire du France is the Canadian Dollar. At 75 days old, Imperial Empire du France is an established nation. Imperial Empire du France has a population of 1,055,798 and a land area of 7,300.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 144.63. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Links Edit

Nation Facts Edit

  • Rulers: Empress Elizabeth Victoria Wolf & King Zafrizackery
  • Government type: Absolute Monarchy
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Currency: Krona
  • Official Languages: Dutch, French, English, Swedish
  • Colonial Languages: Malay, Bahasa Indonesia
  • Gross Domestic Product: approx. $3.8 Trillion
  • GDP Per Capita: approx. $3,194
  • National Religions: Roman Catholic
  • National Animal: Eagle

History Edit

Pre-Foundation Edit

Before the formation of the Imperial Empire du France, the land used to be known as The Kingdom of Netherlands and France, a union between several warring tribes in France, Belgium and The Netherlands. The Kingdom was ruled by the Great Grand Emperor, Louis Marget Wolf, who is now known as the father of the Empire.

However, numerous Dutch tribes formed the Dutch Confederation and succeeded from the Kingdom. The Kingdom was renamed The United Kingdom of France and Belgium, and after garnering support from a German state, the DeutschReich, overtook the Dutch Confederation in terms of power and economical control.

Once again, trouble struck as the Republic invaded and occupied French territories, forcing the Kingdom to relocate to the Netherlands and Belgium and again renaming itself to the Imperial Empire du France.

The First Monarchy Edit

Shortly after the location of the Empire, the Great Grand Emperor Louis was shot and killed during the Great Franco-Dutch Wars with the Dutch Confederation, leaving his youngest daughter, Kathrine Wolf, to rule the throne.

During her rule, she married King Josef of Austria. The influence of the Empire also began to expand as the French East Indies were established as colonies by Prince Hans I and Prince Hans II, the brothers or Empress Kathrine,

The Empress ruled for another three years, before being her plane got shot down and went missing while she was on her to to the East Indies.

The Second Monarchy Edit

After the disappearance of Empress Kathrine, Emperor von Reimerink and Emperess Maxima assumed control of the throne, and almost immediately dragged the Empire into conflict with the Evenstar. This led to hundreds of casualties as well as millions of dollars in damage, destroying the faith that the people had on the Emperor.

The Emperor was eventually ousted and expelled from the Empire, leaving the Empress to rule the Empire for another five months, before abdicating the throne.

The Third Monarchy Edit

After the abdication of Emperess Maxima, Empress Victoria Wolf ascended to the throne and married the King of Sweden, Zafri Zackery.

Franco-Swedish Empire Edit

The Empress after her marriage to the King of Sweden ZafriZackery forming the Franco-Swedish Empire. The Two Empires have joined together, working to have a joint economy, and military. With Swedish Military Equipment being incorporated into the French Armed Forces. The French Empire also disavowed the Franco Euro, adopting the Swedish Krona. The Two Empire are also have a duty free, tax free trade policy. Alongside freedom of movement between French and Swedish Empire. The Two also have a 63% Tax Break on resources between each other. The East Indies and East Asian Swedish Colonies have joined together in production and land distribution. The French also now have joint military and intelligence quarters with the Swedish Winter Force a joint unit between French and Swedish Snow Troopers and winter warfare experts.

San Florence Edit

The Kingdom of San Florence rejoined the Former Imperial French Colonies and has been accepted into the FCAP.

During the later 15th century, French Generals and Prince Leo Cohen landed in New France, their ventures expanded all the way down into Central America where they would find the Acatec Empire. A series of wars between France and Acatec would erupt until the 19th century. With rapid militarization between France, Germany, and Italy. the Empires soon collided in 1910, causing France to abandon Louisiana, Canada, and Acatec. The Prince Cohen refused to leave, and gathered the Acatecs into his cause, however the Italian Republic quickly invaded New France and captured Acatec. The Italian Flag would remain in San Florence until it readopted its former flag with modifications.

 The Prince Leo soon passed away, his son Zachariah and his friend Arnaldo worked to found a united kingdom of over 12 different tribes, they needed Acatecs support, but Cohen was remember for his war against The Acatec. For the sake of their nation Arnaldo was asked by Cohen to lead as king,, but Arnaldo never forget his friend and Zachariah is known to be the kings right hand man. 

 The Diplomatic Pressure within the French Republic was immense and caused its collapse, the Republic filled the void sending the Emperor into the Netherlands and all colonies formed their own counties (Mali, Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Imperial Nederlandse Kolonaile, Southern France, Northern Kingdom, Kingdom of Wales, and San Florence) The Imperial Nederlandse Kolonaile faction soon regained their former home-land, causing Indonesia and Malaysia to rejoin the Empire. Shortly after the Kingdom of Wales, and Southern France rejoined. The Netherlands left the Empire and would join Germany. 

 The French Empire continues to support all its former colonies with economic, military, technological and other forms of aid. The Honorary Ambassador is only sent to Former Colonies with the exception of Caledonia due to their sacrifice, willingness, and aid of the French throughout history. 

  == European Union == Earlier in 2008 during the US Missile Crisis the first European Summit by almost all European States was the backdrop and beginning for the European Union. 

In 2008, Hungadada, France, Russia, Chernigov, and the Swedish signed the Treaty of Paris, which created the European Economic Community(EEC) and established a lowered Tariffs for Energy and Military sales. 

Later in 2008, The EEC meet, and discussed the formation of a Union. The European Union was thus formed. The Treaty of Berlin was formed and signed by the Founding Members of France, Hungadada, Russia, Chernigov and the Swedish. 

The Treaty was signed by all member states and formed the EU. 

The EU has been active in world affairs, with development of Europe, revamping Europes aging infrastructure and making Europe a much safer and better place. 

Recent critics of the EU are angered over its Economical Ascpets which have thrown some nations off, and have greatly reduced trade and economic prosperity.  

Recently Russia was removed from the EU after it was dissolved, and ambitions of Austria to join the EU have gone amiss due to various issue. What remains for the EU is unknown, but France stands committed to a United Europe.  

Royal Family Edit

  • Grand Empress Katherine Wolf

Grand Emperor Hans Josef Wolf

  • Empress Elizabeth Victoria Wolf
  • King Zafri Zackery
  • Prince Hans Wolf I 
  • Prince Hans Wolf II
  • Princess Angela Wolf
  • Princess Mâxima
  • Prince Hamlington 
  • Prince Leroy of Oslo
  • Prince Harry of Belgium 
  • Prince Harrow
  • Princess Rose 
  • Princess Rosa
  • Prince Harry of Britannia 
  • Princess Helga I of Berlin 
  • Prince Akwanda of Jakarta
  • Princess Qistinia of Kula Lumpur
  • Prince Jakart of Bali 
  • Prince Bismarck of Prussia
  • Princess Alexandria of Prussia
  • Princess Alex I of Oslo 
  • Princess Ellen of Oslo 
  • Prince Napoleon 
  • Prince Hamlington of Netherlands
  • Prince Charming I of Sweden
  • Princess Cristina 
  • Princess Chloé

Politics Edit

Current Rulers Empress Victoria Wolf
King Zafri Zackery
Grand Emperor Josef I
Grand Emperess Kathrine Wolf
Minister of Defense Nichole Roussaue 
Minister of Finance Lucas Rouanet 
Minister of Foreign Affairs Élisa Rouanet
Minister of Internal Affairs Nancy Alexander
Minister of Transportation Gaston Delafose 
Minister of Environment Adrien Bardin
Minister of Civil Defence Princess Chloé
Minister of Education Gabriel Caillat
Minister of Health Rebecca Lafitte
Minister of Agriculture Alia Carré
Minister of Entertainment Allan du Cannes

Foreign Relations Edit

The Kingdom of Wintery Princess Angela Wolf
Greater Meta Republic Princess Alex of Oslo
United States of America Princess Rose
Chernigov Elisa Wilhelm I
Australia Helga I of Berlin
Caledonia Prince Charming I of Sweden
Hungadada Prince Louis I
Britannia Princess Ellen of Oslo
Republik Österreich Johnathan Micheals
Hequ Duke Isaac Frederic
Evenstar Ella Herrman
SEACO Prince Hamlington of The Kingdom of Holland
UDAC Emperor Napoleon
Foreign Blocs Status
South-East Asian Co-operation Organization Founding Member
United Defence and Aid Coalition Board
Pacific Atlantic Defence Organization Spokeswoman
The Coaltion Major Non-Member Ally
Oceanic Union Founding Member
European Union Founding Five

Military Edit

The Army of France, also known as The Grand Armée du France, was founded in the year 1405, with the mission of protecting the Empire and it's colonies from foreign threats, wherever they are. The Army is split into three different regions of the world: The Mainland, Britannia, and the French East Indies.

Le Grand Armée du France Commander
6th Armée Generaal Princess Chloé
13th Armée Generaal Hans Bismarck 
80th Airkorps Commander Prince Harrow 
3rd GIGN Generaal Wolf 
9th Armée Generaal Roulement 
7th Armée Generaal Sabrina
23rd Armée Generaal Leonado Merlock
1st Légion Étagère Generaal Allena Moreno
2nd Légion Étagère Generaal Alex Lafayette
3rd Légion Étagère Generaal Huntsmen
4th Légion Étagère Generaal Alexei Imran
Grand Armée East Indies   Commander
8th Mechanized Korp Hans Wolf I
19th Imperial Rifle Army Hans Wolf II
Grand Armée du Britannia   Commander
9th Empress Woman's Rifle Division Princess Rosa
212th Imperial Legion Army
Franco-Swedish Joint Command Task Force French Commanding Officer Swedish Commanding Officer
19th Winter Korps Sergent Hansen Lt. Goldenburg
3rd Naval Task Force Captain Leonardo Franco Captain Alexei Nitkov
101st Paratrooper Battalion Lt. Lafayette 2nd Lt. Freidlberg

L'armee de Terre Edit

The Ground Forces of the Grand Armée have been in active service from the Jungles of the East Indies to the desert plains of Syria. They have also seen action in the frozen tundra of Russia and Sweden, and the mushy grasslands of America. The versatile and mobile French Army makes it a worth opponent. 

L'armée de l'air Edit

The Air Forces of the Grand Armée have been a source of great support during the many wars that the Empire has been involved in. The fighters and bombers of the Air Force had been dubbed instrumental for gaining air superiority and giving the Empire a strategic advantage over it's enemies.

Le Marine Nationale Edit

The motto of the navy is Honneur, patrie, valeur, discipline ("Honour, Fatherland, Valour, Discipline") and these words are found on the deck of every ship in the fleet.

The Imperial Navy has been working to upgrade its aging fleet into a modern and more advance fleet. It has begun working with the space empirs and regional allies to hopefully create the Galactic Imperial Fleet by 2012.

The Imperial Navy has been tested time again proving their worth against the Infamous British Navy, the Dutch Navy, and even the American Navy.

Légion Étrangère Edit

The French Armed Forces greatest asset, Non-French and French Citizens join the Légion Étrangère the Elite Quick Reaction force of the French Army. They have been the first force to fight and saw great use in the Franco-Evenstar War. Alongside their rapid use in the IndoMalay Rebellion.

The French Empire has valuved their legio, and have prized them with being in the top 3 groups in the French Armed Forces. Having set a high standing bar to Foreign Militaries


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