Black Knights

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Basic Details
Founded 12 December, 2014
Headquarters Africa
Color Black
Status Active
Emperor Leo the Great
Viceroy Tiber & Taco
Archduke of Defence Curufinwe
Archduke of Foreign Affairs Amaryllis
Archduke of Economics DVDCCHN
Archduke of the Interior Shadow Company
As of 7 November, 2018
Total Nations 145+
Score 360000+
Average Score 2450+
Alliance Rank 2
Active Blocs
MDoAP Bloc The Inquisition
Active Treaties
MnDoAP Acadia
MDoAP Order of the White Rose
MDoAP Nuclear Knights
MDP The United Empire of ZahAharon
ODP WildFire
Protectorate Yakuza
Protectorate DEFCON 1
Protectorate Celestia
Protectorate Argos

The Black Knights is an alliance that was founded on December 12, 2014, by Yosodog and LordStrum, along with 5 others. It is currently run by Leo the Great. It has been involved in most major conflicts since its creation, such as the FSA-tS War, the Great VE War, the Proxy War, Oktoberfest, the 168 Day War, the Pacific War, the Silent War, Papers, Please, and the Ayyslamic Crusade. Its official religion is Ayyslam.

Establishment of BKEdit

The Black Knights were established by a small group of players who had migrated from another nation-based game called Cyber Nations. They were Yosodog, Supercheese, Mr. Flubb, LordStrum, P8ntballerdude, Jaguar, and Irule777. A DoE was made a day after its establishment (along with a joke DoW on Guardian, though it was later locked).

Some weeks afterward, the Black Knights became a protectorate under the Syndicate

Growth of BKEdit

Around January and February 2015, the Black Knights was a third-page small alliance (20th - 30th in alliance rank) and went through a few, quiet governmental shifts. However, it then entered its first war, the FSA-tS War, allied with the Syndicate and Viridian Entente against the Frontier Sort Alliance, an alliance on the yellow sphere infamous due to its general instability and frequent raids against other aligned nations. 

In April 2015, the Black Knights reached the top 20 alliances in PnW; the protectorate status of BK was removed on April 6, 2015, and an MDoAP was promptly signed between BK and the Syndicate. A MnDoAP was signed between BK and United Purple Nations on April 27.

As of April 20, 2016, BK passed 100k score for the first time.

As of June 12, 2016, BK is the 3rd strongest alliance score-wise, and 2nd largest member wise.

As of August 27, 2016, BK is the 2nd strongest alliance score-wise, and 1st largest member wise.

Government of BK Edit

The government of BK is a hierarchical system lead by the emperor, in which his word is law.

The heir to the throne and second in command is the Viceroy.

Acting under the Viceroy are the various Archdukes who overlook their respected departments.

The heir and the second in command to the respective Archdukes in each department are the First Dukes.

Acting under the Dukes are the respected staff members for that department.

The alliance also has a Senate.

Alliance Advertisements Edit

In-game advertisements used by the alliance for recruitment, propaganda or other purposes. Credits for most of the advertisements to the Shifty Stranger Presidential Library and Getty Images 2015-2017.

Timeline of Events Edit