A city's Average Income is an estimation of the amount earned by each of the city's citizens. The average income is used to determine the amount of revenue generated by a city, as well as to determine the weighted average income of a nation.

The method the game uses to determine average income relies on a city's commerce and the nation's tax rate. However, the revenue a nation earns from a city is divided by the tax rate and the total revenue is multiplied by the tax rate. This results in the tax rate having no effect on the nation's revenue.Therefore, the only important variable to average income is commerce.

A nation's Average Income initially depends on the tax rate set by Economic Policies. This is then further raised by Commerce (up to a maximum of 100 Commerce, or 115 Commerce with the project International Trade Center).


Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage = 725/(Tax Rate * 1000)

Average Income

Average Income = ((Commerce/50) * Minimum Wage) + Minimum Wage

Merging both together will give

Average Income = ((Commerce/50) * (725/(Tax Rate * 1000))) + (725/(Tax Rate * 1000))

(Formulae give values for daily average income)

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