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Approval Rating is a statistic indicating how well you are received by your people. It is a point-based system represented as a percentage, between 0 and 100%. The actual points behind the approval rating can vary from infinitely negative, to infinitely positive. If your Approval Rating points are less than 0, your rating is represented as 0%. Should they exceed 100, it is represented as 100%. Various actions can increase or decrease your approval rating, and also every turn it will either increase or decrease by some amount.

What Affects Approval Rating?

Declaring a War -5
Winning a War +8
Losing a War -5
Having War Declared on Your Nation -3
Having a Failed Espionage Operation -5
Having a Successful, but Exposed Espionage Operation -3
Someone Else has a Successful Espionage Operation on Your Nation -5
Someone Else has a Failed Espionage Operation on Your Nation +2
Building a New City +5
Building a New National Project +5

Turn Based Factors

Base Increase 0.025
Population Density (150 - Your Population Density) * 0.001
Pollution (Your Pollution) * - 0.0001
Unable to Pay Expenses -0.5
Out of Food -0.5

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